Our Services

Our services include:

Management Consultancy and Business Support

  • Managing and developing projects from start to finish
  • Change Management – draw up plans to manage change effectively
  • Strategic Planning – develop vision, aims, objectives and achievable outcomes
  • Research, reviews and evaluations of all kinds
  • Task and finishing work of all kinds
  • Complaint investigations
  • Advise on Customer Care matters and Complaints Management
  • Advise on Information Governance and Data Protection
  • Develop and draw up:
    • Needs assessments
    • Strategies, plans and reports of all kinds
    • Policies, guidance and protocols
    • Specialist information sharing protocols (in accordance with WASPI Framework)
    • Business plans
    • Grant applications
    • Simple and straightforward public documents
    • Consultation documents
  • Organise, plan and facilitate:
    • Public events
    • Engagement and consultation events with partners or users
    • Focus groups and workshops of all kinds


We can provide in house training for your establishment at your chosen location, tailored to meet your needs. Examples of our courses include:
  • Effective Complaint Management and Investigations (Managers and Complaints Officers)
  • Dealing with complaints effectively (Front line Staff)
  • Effective Project Management
  • Effective Change Management and supporting staff throughout the process (Leaders and Managers)
  • Dealing with change (front line staff)
  • Identifying your stakeholders and how to include them in the change process
  • Needs Assessment – its purpose, your role and its benefits
  • Writing simple and straightforward public documents
  • Managing your information effectively – an introduction to Information Governance
  • Data Protection and Personal Information – dealing safely and lawfully
  • Data Protection and GDPR – The implications for your organisation
  • Effective time management and managing workload
  • Personal Development.
Also, see the Courses page and Facebook to see what courses are currently running.